The interview!!!

The interview panel was reviewing a potential employee’s application and noticed that the man had never worked in retail before. One of them say to the man,
“For a man with no experience, you are certainly asking for a high wage. ”
“Well Sir,” the applicant replies,
“the work is so much harder when you don’t know what you’re doing! ”
Would you consider the guy for the position if you were on that panel?

Posted by Damian

Fisherman survives 60 hours without food or water!!!

Who says miracles dont exist anymore?
This is one typical example of a man whose time on earth was not up.

Methinks he needs to find out what his purpose on earth is because God must have kept him for a reason.

Read the full story by clicking on the link below.

Fisherman who survived for 60 hours in air pocket rescued off Nigeria.