The Catholic School!

A 10 year old Jewish boy was always failing Maths.
His parents tried everything from extra classes to motivating him with gifts to no avail.
Finally, a family friend suggested they enrol the boy in a private catholic school.
From day one there was a massive difference. Each afternoon the boy returned from school with a stern, focused expression and went straight to his room to toil away – emerging only for dinner then returning to his books.
At the end of the first term the boy received an ‘A’ for mathematics.
His overjoyed father hugged and praised him and asked, ‘was it the teachers that did it?’
‘Was it one-on-one tutoring?’
‘The peer-mentoring?’
‘The curriculum?’
‘Then tell us what it is that has brought about this wonderful transformation.’
‘Well, replied the boy, ‘when I walked through the front door and saw that guy nailed to the PLUS sign, I knew they meant business.’

Now you know where to send your children if they are not doing well with mathematics – The Catholic School!

At least you know who brings about miraculous changes in our lives!