Okada (Bike) – Alternate Transport, Lagos Nigeria!

Okada (Bike) - Alternate Transport, Lagos Nigeria!

Bikes, popularly called Okada, though very dangerous to use as a means of transport continues to be used in parts of Lagos, Nigeria.

It is also popular in very many states across the federation too.

This is despite the ban by the state government.

It will continue to be the case because of the rate of unemployment in the country and the fact that the government on its own is not able to provide enough alternative transport for the people of the state.

Usually several road accidents happen in the state and across Nigeria daily involving these men in bikes often fatal.

Bikes have also been used in robbery operations.

Hopefully one day we will have a situation where the government will provide enough public transport for the masses, put in place an enabling environment that will create jobs for the teaming mass of unemployed Nigerians to take care of the Okada rider!