Tribute to Mama Nnukwu – Chief Mrs Paulina Mbadugha!


The scriptures in Proverbs 31 paints a portrait of a virtuous woman.
She is clothed in strength and honour, trusted by her husband, good hearted, kind and a blessing to many. She speaks with wisdom and kindness, provides for her household and hard working. Her prize is invaluable.

Mama Nnukwu was all of these.

She was born the first daughter of late Chief John Ohajunwa Mmaduako and christened Paulina Igbeaku. As her name depicted, she was a reservoir of wealth. Not just in the ordinary sense of material possessions, but more so in the truest lasting and invaluable qualities of a good name and legacy.

In her father’s house, she set and enviable example for her siblings to emulate and was (and remained) a source of provision, support and encouragement.
These qualities followed her to her husbands house where her sterling qualities blossomed and became a legacy in the family.

In every sense of the word, she was indeed a virtuos woman and invaluable. Her influence was not limited to just her immediate and extended family but was felt and enjoyed in her larger community and the church.

In her community and beyond, she was popularly and very easily recognised and referred to as ‘Mama Sir’, a tribute to her late respected husband Sir Michael Mbadugha.
For her immense contributions and support to the church, Ihitte Parish and the Okigwe Diocese honoured and decorated her with the specially respected title of ‘Nneoma’.

Back in her maiden home of Umuodagu in Umuakagu in Umuakagu Autonomous Community, her good qualities and right standing equally earned her prominence and the community honoured her with the privileged title of ‘Ada Umuodagu’.
We her siblings, cousins, nephews and nieces also benefited immensely from her great influence. For many of her younger ones, ‘Mama Nnukwu’ became our surrogate Grand mother.

She was full of love and care for us, and her invaluable rebukes, admonitions and wise counsel will forever be surly missed.

Her memory will not be forgotten.

As we mourn her today, we also rejoice because God has declared through the Prophet Isaiah that ‘more’ are Mama Nnukwu’s children than that of those have borne many!
For God became her husband and Redeemer, and has blessed her today with His everlasting kindness.

Mama Paulina Igbeaku
Ada Chief John Ohajunwa Mmaduako
Ada Umuodagu
Mama Sir
Ezigbo Odoziaku Michael Mbadugha
Nneoma Ihitte Parish & Okigwe Parish
Mama Nnukwu Anyi
– The Umu Dimagu Family –

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