The two secrets of a long lasting union!!!

My Grandparents were celebrating 75 years of marriage,
so I asked Grandpa what the secret to a long-lasting union was.
He replied,
“Two things, buddy:
Number one is whenever you are wrong, admit it.
Number two, whenever you are right, say nothing.”

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Women have the right to work wherever they want….!!!

“Women have the right to work wherever they want,
as long as they have the dinner ready when you get home.”
– John Wayne
Does this still apply in today’s world of women’s right and women’s liberation?
I am almost sure that if John Wayne had made this statement to day he would have been taken to the cleaners by women’s right advocate.
Be that as it may I doubt if I agree with the statement as it means being very stereo typical about the role of the woman in the home.
It’s more chauvinist than anything else.
Doesn’t recognise the all encompassing role played by the women folk.
In today’s world the role of the mother and woman has gone beyond just the kitchen.
Many homes couldn’t possibly run without the multi tasking contribution of the woman of the house.
They have become more like partners, wife, friend, cook, driver, adviser, provider, strategist in the home.
At least that’s how it is in my own home. What could I possibly do without my wife?
So this quote is below the belt for the women folk.
How can a woman just be for cooking our meals? Indeed not.
I conclude by quoting the Igbo proverb that says “the child that has the means must see to the burial of the father as the first son is not guilty of his death”.
I rest my case.