Predictors of happiness!!!

The Harvard Study of Adult Development, which is almost 80 years old, shows that close relationships are what keep people happy throughout their lives, more so than money or fame. This was true across the control and test groups. These relationships help to delay mental and physical decline, and are better predictors of long and happy lives than social class, IQ, or even genes. (

Facebook Introduces New Way to Flirt With Relationship ‘Ask’ Button!!!

If you’ve been eyeing someone on Facebook whose profile doesn’t list a relationship status, the company is making it easier (or possibly more awkward) to find out if he or she’s single.

Facebook has rolled out a new “ask” feature for those profile pages that don’t list relationship statuses. The owner of the page doesn’t see the button — only the person who is checking out the page.

By clicking “ask,” you can send the user a message related to his status (such as “want to grab a drink sometime?”), as well as a request to list his status as single, engaged, married or in a civil union.

The owner of the Facebook page then receives a request to list select a status that only the sender can see. This means your status can remain private but visible to only those who “ask” for that information, if you so wish to divulge it.

It’s also possible to update your entire network with this information too, but Facebook is probably guessing — correctly — that you’d simply list your status already if you wanted everyone to know.

The feature introduces a new way to use Facebook as a way to find dates. With the continuing success of online dating sites, and Facebook’s massive user base, the only surprise here is that the feature wasn’t introduced sooner.

Let the awkward inquiring begin.


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#13. Stop getting involved in relationships for the wrong reasons!!!

Relationships must be chosen wisely.
It’s better to be alone than to be in bad company.
There’s no need to rush.
If something is meant to be,
it will happen – in the right time,
with the right person,
and for the best reason.
Fall in love when you’re ready,
not when you’re lonely.

– Marc & Angel in 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself.