‘You see her, you catch her, you have your way with her. Sometimes you kill her.

‘You see her, you catch her, you have your way with her. Sometimes you kill her. Then you kill he… http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2653781/When-rape-feel-free-Unnerving-interviews-Congolese-soldiers-reveal-challenge-faced-Angelina-Jolie-ahead-summit-end-war-zone-sexual-violence.html @MailOnline

Sad. Very sad for the DRC. This soldiers must be tried for crimes against humanity.
Nothing could be more disheartening.

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Politician claims women who have sex outside marriage be hanged

Politicians in India’s largest and most politically important state have sparked outrage by claiming women who have sex outside of marriage should be hanged and that men who committed rape should be forgiven their “mistakes”.

In an election speech on Thursday, Mulayam Singh Yadav, head of the Socialist Party (SP), which runs the state government in Uttar Pradesh, said if he became prime minister he would scrap a recently introduced law that fixed the death penalty for rapists. Referring to a case in Mumbai where three men were sentenced to death for two gang-rapes, Mr Yadav claimed the men should not face the death penalty as it was not uncommon “for boys to make mistakes”.

“Boys will be boys. Following a girl-boy fight, the girl complains she was raped,” he said in the city of Moradabad.

Mr Yadav’s comments sparked outcry from women’s rights campaigners and commentators, as well as his political opponents. They were also denounced, though not that vocally, by the ruling Congress party, which had been long allied in the federal government with the SP in a ruling coalition.

On Friday, the 74-year-old Mr Yadav, whose son is the chief minister of sprawling, impoverished UP, appeared to backtrack on his comments.

“Many people said that my comments were right. I am against rape. Rapist should be given the most severe punishment,” he said at another rally, according to local media. “Innocent people should not be hanged. Rape is being debated in half the world. If I said this, what was wrong.”

Matters were made worse when another senior leader of the SP, whose government oversees a population of 200 million and which draws much of its support from Muslims, appeared to suggest that women who were raped might also be hanged, along with the rapist.

Questioned by the NDTV news channel about Mr Yadav’s comments, Abu Azmi said: “Rape is punishable by hanging in Islam. But here, nothing happens to women, only to men. Even the woman is guilty.”

“When the reporter questioned him further, he replied: “Any woman if, whether married or unmarried, goes along with a man, with or without her consent, should be hanged. Both should be hanged. It shouldn’t be allowed even if a woman goes by consent.”

Mr Azmi’s comments sparked further outcry, including a denunciation from his son, Farhan Azmi, who is contesting a seat in the city of Mumbai.

“I believe a rapist should be hanged a hundred times,” he said. “I have five sisters and everyone in my family believes the same.”
April 11, 3:54 PM
By Andrew Buncombe
24024262 – The Independent

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15 year old Dionne says – Death to the RAPIST!!!

This is a speech prepared and read by my 15 year old daughter at the Tygerberg International Eisteddfod, Cape Town; I called it “Death to the Rapist”, you be the judge and call it whatever you want; as long as you don’t loose sight of the facts.

The issue of what is rape becomes very controversial as you move from one culture to another, however, that will be subject for another day. I have not added or removed from the speech.

Let me get your opinion.

Topic: The issue of rape in our society.

We have all heard of Anene Booysen. The 17 year old girl who was raped and violently murdered not long from now… to commemorate her death, my school selected a day in which we would all wear black and also since then, most of our school assignments have been based on rape, there on after.

We also run programmes that assist various rape victims. But, is this enough? Are we addressing rape as a flippant subject? …

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the floor and esteemed judges. I am Dionne Ohajunwa and I will be speaking on the issue rape in our society. I will also give you some shocking statistics, discuss the issue of submission in women at an early age, how we as a community should address rape and I will also talk about re-instating the ‘Death Penalty’.

Here are some shocking statistics about rape in South Africa:

– The rate of sexual violence in South Africa is among the highest in world.

– According to a report by UN Office on ‘Crimes and Drugs’ for the period of 1998-2000, South Africa was ranked first for rape per capita. (Most people hear this and think ‘Yay! We are finally first in something! Woohoo!’ but no, this is a negative point and definitely not something to be celebrated.)

– More than 25% of a sample of 1738 (that is a large number of people. Basically 435 of them) admitted to raping someone when anonymously questioned. And according to the Medical Research Council (MRC), nearly half (218) admitted to raping more than one person.

– Nearly 3 out of 4 men who admitted to rape said they had first forced a girl/woman into sex before the age of 20 (most teenagers these days think ‘OMW! 20! You’re so old!! But 20 is actually very young! I’m 15 now and only 5 years away from that age!!). Also, 1 out of 10 admitted doing so before the age of 10! (TEN!! That is not even close to adolescence!! Where has the innocence gone?!

I personally could not imagine a child that young raping someone!! It is wrong, it is cruel, and it is sick!)

– A study from the comprehensive study, ‘Rape in South Africa,’ from 2000 showed that 2.1% of women aged 16+ reported they had been sexually abused between the start of 1993/ March 1998.

– Estimated over 40% of South African women will be raped in their lifetime and that only 1 out of 9 rapes are reported! (So, basically, those women could be raped and we would not even be able to tell which women got raped! Or whether or not they are even alive! How terrifying is that?!)

I strongly believe that the ‘Death Penalty’ should be re-instated. When someone is raped and they live through it, something, deep inside of them has already been murdered. They are slowly dying inside as it is and it will not be easy to regain that. It will always be a struggle until that thing is recovered; if it ever can be recovered, that is… so if a rapist does that to a person, the law should do the same.

Rapists should not have the right to roam free after a few years in jail, which means nothing in comparison to the rape victim’s life. They should be tried in court and if they are found guilty, they should be killed.

I also believe that the ‘Cautionary Rule’ should be diminished or regulated to help rape victims. This rule is a law that requires that a judge must show awareness to special dangers on relying on uncorroborated evidence of a complaint. (The law must be able to get a substantial amount of evidence before convicting someone of rape). When this law is applied, it makes rape victims feel as though the judges won’t trust them if they report a crime.

How are we supposed to lower negative rape statistics when the victims don’t feel like they can be trusted by what is put in place to help them!

Parents should also be more vigilant as to their children’s activities because something bad could easily happen to them if not monitored.

Human trafficking, drug abuse, or like what my topic is based on, rape.

Girls have been taught from an early age to ‘just ignore’ and ‘let go’ all those little things boys their age do, like pulling bra straps or fiddling with their bodies in an appropriate manner.

Parents should not teach girls to be submissive because it affects the way they act when they develop and grow into women. These actions then seem a lot more prominent and women are then unintentionally adherent to the submission they were taught at a young age.

Girls should be taught to stand up and say no! They should be able to be a representative of their values and beliefs; after all, this can save their life…

I hope that these points which I have given to you now, properly verified what I am trying to communicate.

Good afternoon ladies, gentlemen and judges.

I am Dionne Ohajunwa and we need to take a stand, now! Thank you.