Lord Please help me to think of my husband….!!!

Dear Lord
Please help me to think of my husband throughout the day.
So often I am so caught up in my to-do’s or personal projects I neglect to even think for a moment if ny husband, his needs, his desires, how I can bless him.
I rely so much upon him thinking of me and I get hurt when I feel like he doesn’t…. yet I fail at this so often. I  want to change.
Transform ny heart so that I can do think of my husband more .
I pray I would think if ways to satisfy him, to serve him, to make him feel valued and loved.
Holy spirit touch my mind and ny thought process so that my husband is there more than I think about myself in Jesus name. Amen.


The neighbors had come over for dinner at Little Johnny’s place. As they sat down for dinner, father asked Little Johnny to do the prayers. Johnny replied, “But dad, i am scared.”

His Dad told him to just be honest and say what he felt best. So as everyone joined hands,

Johnny began: “Dear Lord, thank you for bringing the kid who ate my cookies. Please bless them him with food so that he doesn’t take mine.

Also forgive his elder brother who undressed my sister and started wrestling with her. I am sure he wont do that again.

Speaking of clothes, I want you to bless all the naked women on my dads phone with clothes. Seriously, they need it.

And lastly, I want you to provide shelter to the homeless man who sleeps with my mom when dad goes to work. Thank you.”

No one had dinner that day.

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