A tale of two funerals!!!

Let me tell you a tale.  

A tale of two funerals.

In the late 90’s a certain relative of mine passed away.  
We were not close.   
He was extremely successful as an industrialist; had a mansion and yachts and a collection of Rolls Royce’s.

His name is on a building, he left a wake of endowments behind him.

But he didn’t have much contact with others.  
Couldn’t resolve conflict. 
Was often belligerent and obnoxious.

20 people came to his funeral.
10 of us family and the rest on his payroll in one way or another.

Ok, let me tell u about another funeral.  
My father was a philosophy teacher at Conn College for almost 40 years.   He died suddenly between Christmas and New Year’s, 1999.

Trips were cancelled.  
Flight plans redirected.  
100’s of people showed up for his funeral.   
Mostly former students.

One simply shook my hand and said, “Your father inspired me to be a teacher.”

That’s legacy.  
That’s life.  
That’s why we came.
From Quora.com

Many thanks to Professor Chux Iwuh for bringing this my way and for reminding us of the importance of leaving a legacy!

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