“..if you don’t like your job don’t just strike…”

“Lisa, if you don’t like your job you don’t strike.
You just go in every day and do it really half-assed.
That’s the American way.”
– Homer Simpson

Like seriously?
The American way?
While we cannot afford to throw away the baby with the bath water because of who Homer Jay Simpson is we cannot afford to discard the reasoning behind the statement.
Homer Simpson is a cartoon character in the animated television series – The Simpsons.
The character was created by an American satirist and cartoonist Matt Groening.
Yes indeed an American, so he has to know what he is talking about or shouldn’t he?
Now, any Americans reading this are welcome to let us know what your thoughts are on this comment credited to Homer Simpson.
I have never stayed in America long enough to decide or make a proper judgement call on this; but I must say the takeaway for me is the ‘don’t just go on strike’ part.
Strikes destroy economies and consequently people.
Strikes cause hyper inflation.
Strikes can lead to loss of jobs.
Strikes can lead to closure of businesses.
Strikes often have very negative effect on all parties involved irrespective of your nationality.
Does it mean I support doing it the ‘half assed American way’?
The answer is no.
Doing it that half assed way raises other issues as well which could also be damaging!
So let’s negotiate, let’s talk about what your concerns are in order to resolve them.
See you at the negotiating table people of the world.

Posted by Damian @8wDee.com.