Have you ever seen anyone with a Second Appendix???

A man phoned his doctor very late at night saying his wife appeared to have Appendicitis.

“That’s impossible,” the physician replied, peeved at being woken up after midnight. “She had an appendectomy last year. Don’t be stupid. Only a moron like you would wake me up for something this idiotic. Have you ever seen anybody with a second appendix?”

“No, you are the moron!” the husband replied. “Haven’t you ever seen anybody with a second wife?”
– SantaBanta

One more tooth to go!!!

Lara fell for her handsome new dentist like a ton of bricks and pretty soon had lured him into a series of passionate rendezvous in the dental clinic after hours.

But one day he said sadly, “Lara, honey, we have to stop seeing each other. Your husband’s bound to get suspicious.”

“No way, sweetie, he’s dumb as a post,” she assured him. “Besides, we’ve been meeting here for six months now and he doesn’t suspect a thing.”

“True,” agreed the dentist, “but you’re down to one tooth!”
– SantaBanta

The fax!!!

A man was talking to his father.
“Dad, I was away on business for a week.
Yesterday I sent a fax to my wife saying that I’d be home that night, and when I got into our room I found my wife in another man’s arms.
Why, dad? Tell me why!” Dad kept silent for a few minutes, then coolly said, “Maybe she didn’t get the fax, son.”

wine does a lot of things, like make people look beautiful, charming, and attractive!!!

A husband and wife were sitting by the candlelight having dinner in a luxury restaurant.
The husband said, “I’ve been noticing..
.wine does a lot of things,
like make people look beautiful, charming, and attractive.”
The wife replied,
“But dear, I haven’t been drinking that much.” “I know, but I have been.”
– Source unknown

Enough is Enough!!!

An old lady tottered into a lawyer’s office and asked for help in arranging a divorce.

“A divorce?” asked the unbelieving lawyer. “Tell me, how old are you?”

“I’m eighty-four,” answered the old lady.

“Eighty-four! And how old is your husband?”

“My husband is eighty-seven.”

“My my,” said the lawyer.” And how long have you been married?”

“Next September will be sixty-two years.”

“Married sixty-two years?! Why would you want a divorce now?”

“Because,” the woman answered calmly, “enough is enough!”
– SantaBanta

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