“Nwoke ezuike” – There is hardly any rest for man!!!


Nwoke ezuike is an Igbo language (Nigeria) saying literally meaning “Man does not rest” or “there is hardly any rest for man”.
That’s the connotation of the above shot showing men pushing a truck filled with luggage obviously to make a living!
When will rest come for man?
Leave me a comment if you think you know when.

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I’m sick of following my dreams. !!!!

“I’m sick of following my dreams.
I’m just going to ask them where they’re going and hook up with them later.”
– Mitch Hedberg.
Meanwhile, I am going to continue doing what I am doing with all the dedication I can muster and not necessarily waiting for my dreams.
Truth be said i even hardly know what my dreams are anyway, aside from living a simple happy fulfilled life with my family and few friends!

It’s just so easy to say follow your dreams.
Have you realised how this saying has almost become a norm in today’s world with every Tom, Dick and Harry singing the same song.
How many pause and ponder what is being said and critically think about it?

It may just be too late by the time you wake up from your dreams! The train may have left the station.

What is the percentage of those successful people out there who advice this actually did follow their dreams are are following their dreams?

Many would be lost today and dying of hunger if they were still waiting for their dreams.

Hard work and dedication is the key to success in all that you are doing or will do.

If you are lucky you could find yourself at the right place at the right time or even identify, discover or create a niche market that is yet to be exploited and the rest will become history, with you smiling to the banks.

I am waiting for your comments if you followed your dreams and you are successful today or you are amongst the silent majority who are still waiting for their dreams to materialise.

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