A leader is a dealer in hope!!!

A leader is a dealer in hope.

– Napoleon Bonaparte

Posted by Damian @8WDee.com.


A leader is a dealer in hope!

A leader is a dealer in hope.
– Napoleon Bonaparte

What sort of leader are you?

Think about it!

Are you the sort of leader who provides hope for your people or one that dashes their hopes?

The later is often the case of many that we know who lead with sanctions and threats, who lead carrying a whip in their hands!

This sort of leader rather than move things forward,  create discontent and de-motivation in the polity.

Your followers should be looking forward to the hope and assurances of the future that you provide, often happy to see you and associate with you rather than run away from you.

They should see you as one who has a solution to their problems.

Now that you have heard from Napoleon Bonaparte make that conscious choice to become that leader that always deals in hope!

How do I do that as a leader?

Communicate in the real sense of the word.

Listen to the people you lead.

Be tolerant and don’t be a tyrant.

Good luck in your quest.

Posted by Damian @8wDee.com.