Jazz is abandon!!!

Jazz is smooth and cool.
Jazz is rage.
Jazz flows like water.
Jazz never seems to begin or end.
Jazz isn’t methodical,
but jazz isn’t messy either.
Jazz is a conversation, a give and take. Jazz is the connection and communication between musicians. Jazz is abandon.
– Natty Wolff

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Husband and wife conversation! – 3.

‘Dick and I have been married for two years now,’ said Dorothy to a colleague,  ‘and we’ve not  had and argument.
If we have an difference of any kind and I am right, Dick nods and accepts my opinion.’
‘But what if he’s right?’ The colleague asked.
‘That hasn’t happened yet,’ Dorothy replied.
Now we know why.

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Body language of women!!!

Body language researchers suggest that if a woman crosses her kegs while in a conversation, she is probably not interested in you.
– Quest Angel.
Ladies what’s your take on that?
I thought that was very interesting and since I am not an authority neither in body language nor women affairs, I couldn’t take a position.
So I push it back to the ladies and the experts in the house!
Throw your hats in the ring.

Posted by Damian @8wDee.com.