The Rich in Africa!!!


*167,000 – the number of Ultra High Networth Individuals in 2013.
1% live in Africa.

*1 billion – the number of people that lived on less than US$1.25 a day in 2011.
40% live in sub-Saharan Africa.

*Nigeria had the fastest growing rate of champagne consumption after France in 2011.

*R47,500 (+-USD4500) – the cost of a 40x55x20 cm suitcase at the Louis Vitton store ins Sandton city Johannesburg.

*19,500  – the number of private jets in the world. There are 450 in Africa.

*Square meter of luxury property that can be purchased with USD 1million:
– 215.1 m2 in Capetown
– 40.2 m2 in New York
– 25.2 m2 in London
– 15 m2 in Monaco.

If you know the cost in Banana Island Lagos please put your comments below.

Posted by Damian