“Don’t let Nigeria break up.” – Nelson Mandela in 2007!!!

“Now we hear that you cannot be president in Nigeria unless you are Muslim or Christian. Some people tell me your country may break up.
Please don’t let it happen”
– Nelson Mandela in an interview with Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed in 2007.

What has changed in 2014 – 7 years after?

We are still battling with the Muslim / Christian divide!

We are still battling with north versus south versus west versus east versus south south versus south east etc!

Nigeria and Nigerians are still focusing on the politics of party instead of supporting the best man for the job!

We are still faced with the challenge of its our turn – quota system.

Corruption is still the order of the day. Politicians still embezzle public funds with careless abandon and go scot free?

Who will save our nation from

I don’t think Nigeria will break up, Tata Madiba have no fear!

We shall survive.

2015 is round the corner; it’s a year that will make or mar us as a nation.

Another set of candidates have been chosen to contest.

Let us pray for them,
Let us pray for Nigeria.
May God save Nigeria and give us the leader / leaders to lead us to the promised land!

Posted by Damian @8WDee.com.