Blackberry launches the “Mercury”!!!

As an ardent fan of the Blackberry I can’t wait to see what this phone has to offer that will distinguish it from the other Android phones currently in the market.

One thing for sure is that it is equipped with a Qwerty keyboard which makes it possible to type using a physical keypad. 

All the “normal” features that one can u on the keypad should be available on the phone. 

Not certain at what end of the spectrum BlackBerry wants to play with this phone all I can say is goodluck this time guys. 

One small advice though – can you guys allocate a lot more money to promoting your products! For instance not many people know about the Blackberry PRIV, the first one to run on the Android platform. The phone is so unique that it has both a physical Qwerty keyboard and touch screen. One downside for me is that it doesn’t have the fingerprint feature. 

Let’s look forward to the Blackberry Mercury. 

Blackberry and their batteries!

I bought my first BlackBerry cell phone in 2007 – about 8 years ago!

Since then I have used, the 8820, 8330, 9700, 9900 and now the BlackBerry Z10. On the average one model every 2 years? In March 2013 after nearly a four months wait i finally got myself the Z10 on a 24 month contract. The phone had just arrived the shelves in Cape town and my contract was due for an upgrade since December 2012 and i refused all offers for another brand,and eagerly waited for the Z10.

There had been a lot of hype and press reviews and  i couldn’t wait. I walked away very disappointed each time i was told “not yet in stock” at the cell phone store in my area.

One experience that i had with all my previous models was that they had very poor battery life especially with the 9300 (my wife used this), 9700 and the 9900.

There are several tips and applications on how to preserve your BB battery life on the internet and we frequently applied those tips and installed and uninstalled those applications to no avail.

When i got my Z10 one thing i had hoped that RIM had resolved was the issue of the battery life of the phone and save me the agony of always having to hang around a charging point and carrying a spare battery around.

There is always the danger of that ruined opportunity of the client that couldn’t reach you when your phone was dead.

In this era of social media junkies, your e mail on your phone and virtually doing most of your business on the go the last thing you want is a phone with a dying or dead battery.

During my first week of use, i noticed that my Z10 would suddenly get very hot and the battery would rapidly drain (same experience which i had with the 9900 and the 9700!).

On an overseas trip a week after i bought my phone; it suddenly became blazing hot, and in alarm i rushed into a cell phone store at the Johannesburg Airport for the Sales Consultant to help explain to me what was happening to my new baby and he was as lost as i was on the cause.

Two months after i returned from my trip i was advised to go visit the BlackBerry “experts” at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre in Cape Town and after a 75minutes wait for my turn i was told there was nothing they could do about the problem and all that i needed to do was to send it in for repair as it was still under warranty! They also confirmed that i had the necessary upgrades installed on the phone. I had waited two months and was wishing the problem would go away. It hasn’t.

Some of  the BBZ10 owners that i have met also complain of the same battery problem!

Is this a software issue or a factory fault? Can someone hazard an answer for me?

With the main competition for the market being Samsung, IPhone and lately a rejuvenated Nokia (with the Lumia series) only time will tell what would happen to the already dwindling BlackBerry market share. My wife has already opted for the Samsung Galaxy and that is minus one for RIM. I am still hanging on!

All together, i have not had a bad experience with my BlackBerries. The BBM was the first of its type as far as i know, and it was fun and interesting. Browsing was always fast and easy and above all, cheap (at R60 per month) until the Z10!  

One should have expected that you (RIM) should have sorted out this challenge before releasing this phone onto the market. It took quite a while, so what were the BB engineers doing all the while? As a pioneer in many segments of the smart phone market please come up with strategies that will help you sustain your competitive advantage (if it is still there).

Yesterday, i was advised to send in the phone for a warranty assessment which should deprive me of a phone for about 1 or 2 weeks! I am still undecided on what to do.

I wonder what the experience is with the Q10?

Please share your experiences with your BlackBerry.