Show love to the living, not the dead!

My house was about to be locked, just because I was not able to raise rent. I posted it on Facebook seeking for help, but all I got was 2likes and 0 comments.
So I sent 120 messages to friends on my contact list, requesting for a loan of N400,000. Sadly, only 10people replied. 6 out of the 10 claimed they couldn’t help. Only 1 out of the 4 who said they could help actually gave me some money but the rest only gave me excuses and never picked my calls. Eventually, my house was locked. I had no where to sleep. I walked in the dark, seeking options and suddenly, a heavy storm carried me away and I died.

*Fast forward*

The next day, news quickly spread around that I had died. 2220 people posted on my wall how they knew me. How great I was. A committee is formed by my “loyal” friends who quickly raised N1,200,000 via donations, to feed guests at my funeral. My colleagues at work teamed-up and brought another N300,000 for coffin, tents and chairs. I am buried in a coffin worth N100,000.

My relatives who rarely met, met, for my send-off and contributed an extra N150,000.

Everyone wants to volunteer in order to appear they are helping out. The Youth also, printed T-shirts with my image, each T-Shirt costing N1,500. About 600 youths paid, so the T-shirt man makes N150,000 profit from my death. Everyone wants to speak at my funeral.

There was drama all over from people who never knew how I survived. There was rumour that I was murdered by my friends. Also people falsely accused my successful relatives of sacrificing me. Wonderful speeches were made on how talented I was even those who never attended my events. The few friends who supported me in life didn’t get the chance to speak during my funeral although they knew the Truth. Infact, they were the prime suspects in my death.


Don’t show people love when they are gone. Show love to people while they are alive, so that they can appreciate you…

Call people when they can pick your call not when they are gone and you pretend by shedding crocodile tears when infact they can not hear you…

#DeepTruth That Hurts.

-Choose to be different:
Show love to the living.
Love your neighbour and be your brother’s keeper.

In Lagos everyone is angry!!!

In Lagos, everyone is angry.
Everyone is vexed.
On the streets, there’s nothing but pure anger. Humans and non-humans are vexed and looking for who to pour the anger on.

The sun is not smiling, the rains are pouring angrily.
Driver, conductor, passenger, even the bus itself are all hot and angry. The road is rough, too many potholes. Conductor is angry, he said enter with your change, yet you entered with 1000naira note for a 100naira bus fare.

Market women are angry, some have not sold anything since morning. Customers are angry too, the prices of things are too high.

Policemen are angry, bus drivers are no longer misbehaving on the road. They cant afford to be caught and pay any fine. Bus drivers are angry, Policemen are beginning to invent new offences.

Churches are angry…offering money is reducing, so they are creatively creating more programmes. Church members are angry, pastors are becoming too rich, so they have decided to stop paying offering.

Husband is angry, the wife is getting too fat. Wife is angry, the husband is demanding for two pieces of meat, yet the money he brings for food has not increased for the last five years.

So many people are angry. Just walk on the streets of Lagos, you’ll see a whole lot of anger written on the faces of people.

The economy is taking its toll.

Be careful how you talk to people. Some of them are so frustrated, they are just looking for an avenue to pour anger on someone.

Sometimes, just overlook that 10naira change with the conductor. Its not enough to start a fight over.

My fone is bad…
My car is faulty…
The traffic is too thick…
Parents are calling…
Anothers school session is knocking…
Missed landlord’s call…
Time is far spent…
Targets unmet…

Amidst all these, deliberately put a smile on your face. Don’t grow old before your time. Don’t give yourself wrinkles.

Once in a while, take some money from your salary/account if any and give yourself a treat. Go watch a movie at ICM, eat pizza at Dominos, eat KFC’s chicken or just go to a buka and order amala and ewedu with ogunfe and fanta, Coke or Pepsi.

Life is not difficult. Dont let the situation on ground begin to shape up your personality!!!