8WDee.com_Random Musings!

I write about anything and everything everywhere – politics, religion, technology, humour/comedy, soccer etc.!
A social media junkie? Don’t know. I leave you to be the judge.
I love to take pictures and i do love travelling.
It is going to be Random musings from me.
Warning: I shall not guarantee that what I write, share or post might not upset you.
So if you are easily upset, I suggest you don’t proceed with me; but if on the hand you like to see things in a satirical way here is the place for you!
I teach Strategic Management at a University in Cape Town, I am an Entrepreneur, and a Consultant.
Thanks for hanging around.
Lets do this.
Damian (Certified Social Media Advocate – CSMA!).

2 thoughts on “8WDee.com_Random Musings!

  1. Bassey Etim says:

    Hi, I like your musings. I take them as a breath of fresh air to advice myself. Also, thanks for going through my blog. I really do appreciate the likes. Please do visit again.


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