Blackberry launches the “Mercury”!!!

As an ardent fan of the Blackberry I can’t wait to see what this phone has to offer that will distinguish it from the other Android phones currently in the market.

One thing for sure is that it is equipped with a Qwerty keyboard which makes it possible to type using a physical keypad. 

All the “normal” features that one can u on the keypad should be available on the phone. 

Not certain at what end of the spectrum BlackBerry wants to play with this phone all I can say is goodluck this time guys. 

One small advice though – can you guys allocate a lot more money to promoting your products! For instance not many people know about the Blackberry PRIV, the first one to run on the Android platform. The phone is so unique that it has both a physical Qwerty keyboard and touch screen. One downside for me is that it doesn’t have the fingerprint feature. 

Let’s look forward to the Blackberry Mercury.