My Gmail ran out of space!!! Can you believe that?

Have you ever been in a situation that you were suddenly thrown out of your Google mail? I was recently.
I found out that all my photos backed up to my Google Photos app and took up all my allocated space – all 15gb of it. To be fair to Google they kept notifying me that I was running out of space and I didn’t take it seriously until, bang I was out on a limb! I must say that I panicked for a few days. You can imagine life without knowing who was trying to contact you. Creating a new address was an option but how do you let people know the new address? I emptied my inbox and sent mail folder – no dice!
Eventually after nearly 7 days in the ‘blind’ and with a new and uknown email address I figured it out and transferred those photos to my desktop.
You may wonder why the story telling, right?
One of the options Google gave me was to buy space at USD9.90 per month (ZAR168) that’s a whole lot of money if you ask me especially these in today’s times for so many people.
While I will not question Google strategy and business model I also wonder why they haven’t considered giving their clients the option of an outright purchase per gig or even per terabyte? Something like buy what you can afford instead of the all or nothing option. What if you cannot afford the $9.90 after the first few months?
This to me comes with a lot of downside because many will be unable to afford a monthly payment and would rather opt for a new e mail address or even move on to other platforms which constitutes a loss of business to Google.
Is anyone at Google listening?

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