Black Friday!!!

It’s black Friday!
I don’t know how many of us know it’s Black Friday or what it stands for or how it came about.
This is actually regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season especially in the United States and most retailers open very early and  recently have started opening overnight hours when they offer massive discounts on goods and promotional sales.
Black Friday is the day after thanksgiving.
This is not a major trend yet in South Africa and many other African countries but the way things are going it will soon  be.
For me this is just like any other day.
However, thanks to smart marketing strategists this day is beginning to gain relevance just like valentine day suddenly became a major day in the lives of many when so much is spent on cards and gifts.
In South Africa last year there was a near stampede at a major retailer in Capetown with customers at the point of fighting for merchandise on special pricing per Black Friday.
Same marketer has also announced massive reductions for today.
Many organisations as well have published specials including a national carrier that has announced massive discounts on certain routes for today. An electronic giant also announced discounts only for online shoppers for today – online maybe to avoid a stampede in stores; which ground staff may not cope with.
I hope they have a robust server that will hold the onslaught of shoppers who might want to take advantage.
Sooner or later Black Friday will become part of the plan for many retailers.
I don’t believe in valentine day for the simple reason that I celebrate my loved ones daily; doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy a bargain but I must say kudos to the marketing fellows pushing this Black Friday thing into our psyche and our lives to the benefit of their organisations.
Have a great Black Friday folks.

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