Travel and see!!!

Travel and see is my advise to you!
Yes – you.
Your attitude.
Your perspective.
The way you treat others.
The way you behave.
You will be more tolerant of others.
Your sense of entitlement will change.
You will see and realise the world doesn’t start and end with you.
You will realise that there is more to life than what you think you know.
You will realise that there is a lot that you didn’t know about the world.
That you were ignorant after all.
You will probably be a little less bitter with the world.
You will also probably realise that things aren’t so bad after all?
However, I forgive you for the way you act.
It’s only a manifestation of your limited knowledge.
The world has moved on and will continue moving on without you.
You are the looser ultimately if you refuse to travel.
Start from the nearest places around you and progress to distant places.
This is the best education you can give your self.
Get busy.
Start making plans for this very necessary self education – now.
Are you still there?
Buy that ticket, book that flight, travel by rail, road, sea but take this advise – travel!
You will be better for it.
Think about it.

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