Cat is the only domestic animal not mentioned in the bible!!!

Cats may be the most popular pets on the world and associated with humans since at least 8000 BCE, but it seems prior to this time they were not as popular, at least according to the Bible. 10,000-year-old engravings and pottery have been discovered by experts which depict cats as belonging to a date near the Neolithic period (late stone age), not to mention a joint human-feline grave burial on Cyprus aged 9,500 years.domestic-cat

In ancient Egypt, the cat was revered and they were considered deities in the form of the god Bastet from the third millennium BCE.
Some experts are of the view that ancient Egyptians may have tamed and bred feline to produce a distinct species by the 20th or 19th century BCE.

The Bible may have an enviable historical span but surprisingly, the domestic cat is not mentioned even once (some sources say it’s mentioned once), as opposed to the dog who’s honoured with 14 mentions.
This disparity may depend on the version of the Bible, for instance the original 1611 King James Bible which includes the Apocrypha, mentions the cat once.
Source – godlikeproductioms.

Posted by Damian