The grass on the other side will always seems greener until….!!!!


Hi friends, I got this from a friend this morning and it set me thinking about ambition, dreams, goals, our desires to excel and always wanting more!

Which on their own are ok and part of human needs.

Who was it that said a actualised need never satisfies?

We will always want more as humans.

Human beings are creatures of ambition.

Ain’t nothing wrong with  being ambitious but this cautions us to be careful while following through and struggling to actualize our dreams, goals and ambitions.

People are in marriages and busy looking at other people’s marriages and actually wishing theirs were like that.

Stop being jealous of the other relationship because until you get the full gist you won’t know that there are also problems.

It is the management of the challenges that they face that makes it seem rosy on the outside.

There will always be challenges!

Be careful.

Same thing applies to jobs!

You have a job be thankful first, be happy, be the change you want to see in others.

Have you analysed the situation and satisfied that their is nothing you can do to make things better in your present situation at your current job?

So before you decide to leave your marriage, relationships, jobs just know that the grass will always seem greener on the other side.

Make sure you have all or most of the facts before you make that move.

It’s always a perception and may never be a reality!

Have a beautiful day.

2 thoughts on “The grass on the other side will always seems greener until….!!!!

  1. hey , today i felt myself getting stressed up , thinking about careers ans wanting to travel abroad . and this post just made me feel better . 🙂


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