Any Government In Power – A.G.I.P.

“Loyalty to country always.
Loyalty to government,
only when it deserves it.”
– Mark Twain

What do we get today?
The very reverse.

With charlatans and the wicked that we have today as politicians all we have are people loyal to “Any Government In Power – AGIP”.

They sell and shift their loyalty as if it is a commodity at the expense of the country, the people and interest.

What ever happened to democracy as we knew it?
Government of the people, for the people and by the people!

Today it is government of a few, for a few by the few!

They loot, they steal and amass billions of common wealth to sustain themselves in government and when they leave government eventually use this stupendous wealth through god-fatherism to install their cronies!

It doesn’t matter who is in power or how they got power as long as their interest are served they pledge loyalty and attempt to retain them for as long as possible.

Typical examples are the group that attempted to retain President Yaradua of Nigeria as President a few years ago despite the fact that the man was terminally ill and too weak to continue.

Another scenario is playing out again in Nigeria with another AGIP group attempting to retain another sick man (Governor Suntai)  in government in Taraba State despite his health dictating otherwise.

For how long this will continue?
It will continue for as long as the people rise up and say no to this corrupt and wicked people who are also well known.

A people are as good as the government they get!

As Bob Marley sang let’s chase this crazy bald heads out of the town; and the earlier the better because time is running out.

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4 thoughts on “Any Government In Power – A.G.I.P.

  1. David says:

    I completely and 110% agree with you…but i disagree on the assertion that they are loyal to Any Govt In Power…They are only loyal THEMSELVES…Not to the Government, but to themselves…Also, they do not only install the cronies, but their children…Tukur is fighting the Governor of his state because he wants his son to be the next Governor…Saraki fought his son, who was Governor of Kwara State, because he wanted his daughter to take over from the son…What Madness is this??? The Governor of Rivers State cannot go into his own home, because the Police with instruction from Abuja closed the road to Government House…A road the Governor uses frequently and prefers using for obvious security reasons…A a Governor that rules a state…What legacy are our leaders leaving for the up coming generation…what example are we showing our children to follow??? Daily, i weep for Nigeria.


  2. zley says:

    But after all their chess games and power plays. God pass them. This phase too shall pass. Our ways are not his ways…


  3. zley says:

    Abacha died with all the loot he had amassed, IBB could not keep miriam alive, Suntai used state funds to buy private jet in a state where families are starving, the ex goverment personnel using naval helicopter as taxi where are they today? Amaechi chased out Odili that brought him to lime light well does he have peace today. Kama has a way of returning to bite us in the butt….


    • We always pay for our “sins” eventually! Point is most if these people have sold their soul and conscience the devil, that’s why they don’t t care about anyone but themselves.


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